Excerpt #1 ‘Papa, Where Are You?’

“Each of us grieved in our own way. Papa shed nary a tear but acted somber all day. I could tell he wanted to comfort us, but no soothing words came from his lips. Hugs were all he could offer.”


A view of the old homestead, as described in ‘Papa, Where Are You?

A couple of reviews:

“I finished your book last night. Great, great job! it was captivating throughout. And the ending was perfect!”

“I just finished your beautiful book! Wow! I am sitting in my kitchen, crying tears of both sadness and tears of joy. The family went through so much joy, then heartache, and finally (and gratefully) redemption. I love how in everything they went through, God was present and kind. I am both undone and blessed to read your story.”

To read more reviews, click on link below.

Papa, Where Are You?


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