A long time ago . . .

Well actually about 19 years ago, we sold our house – and we bought a house.

The business of sorting and packing didn’t keep our excitement bottled up as we were very much looking forward to this change.

As we neared the closing of one and then the other, of course the dates didn’t line up and we found ourselves with three weeks to spare in between moves. Homeless? Nope. A dear friend put us up – myself, hubby, daughter and son when he was home on weekends from college. Awesome. No problem. Except . . .

We had three cats! And we had to find a place for them.

(Yes, I know three cats are a lot. We, at one time had four! But that’s another story.)

We were happy to find a place not far from us. Country Acres Resort.country-acres-3
Their website description:

from Country Acres Resort website

This fit the bill for us and we settled our feline friends into their three adjoining cat apartments, complete with a picture window in each. 😊 We set it up that one was their bathroom, one the kitchen, and one the bedroom. 😊 To this day, I wonder if they really appreciated our thoughtfulness, as we walked away feeling very satisfied with this setup all the while listening to their caterwauling as we walked away.

As we settled in to our friends house, K.K (KitKat), Oreo and Baby Kitty tried to settle in to theirs, wondering, I’m sure, what happened to their cushy lifestyle back at home with their humans.

We visited often, not too often to get their hopes up that they were going home, but often enough to give them some comfort.

Now two of our cats adapted fine, but as seems to always be the case, one -K.K. – had some issues. She was basically a scaredy cat – in every sense of the word. Her biggest fear? Thunderstorms. She could predict/hear one coming before we could. And all of a sudden she’d be on her belly scurrying as fast as her shorter than natural legs would carry her, down the stairs, under the workbench. I always felt that if a tornado hit our home, she would be the only one to survive because of her built-in advanced warning system.

Remember those doggy pull toys that clicked as you pulled them. That is what I always thought of as I’d see her scurry across the floor and down the stairs. I always wondered if she’d get rug burns on her belly as she was so crouched down.doggie-toy
Now, wouldn’t you know, it was spring – thunderstorm season.

The first night, poor K.K. about had a heart attack and peed all over. The second night of storms, after discussion with us, the folks gave her an enclosed cat bed to hide in. She hid in it alright, and then peed all over it. The third night, after providing a new, clean cat bed, they put a piece of cardboard over the window, in a sense “boarding it up.” Still, K.K. was a wreck. The fourth night? They removed her from her kitty apartment and placed her in an interior room with no windows and a sofa to hide under. For extra comfort, they took Oreo and Baby Kitty with her.

from Country Acres Resort website

The place wasn’t the cheapest around – with three cats over three weeks to pay for. But it was SO worth it. I wanted to tip everyone and give all hugs!

The three weeks ended and we all settled into our new home. The first thing I did was show K.K. the way to the basement, where the workbench was.

I’m pretty sure she looked up at me with a smile of relief. 🙂

* * *

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One thought on “A long time ago . . .

  1. Love this story, I have often had to kennel a dog & finding the right place can be a challenge!
    Not to mention the guilty feelings of leaving them!!

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