Steeple Chase

3It just always does something to me – when I see a church steeple!

It’s probably silly and most likely misplaced, but when I see a church steeple, I feel distinct comfort and peace and, if I might be bold enough to add: joy!

As a child, we frequently would travel from Philadelphia to Owls Head, Maine where my pastor had a summer home. I, to this day, can visualize all the small towns and streams and rolling hills and church steeples along the way.

Obviously, this was way before I Phones, interstates and in-car-movies. And it was delightful!

Remember the little ditty you probably learned as a child: steeple5Here’s the church, here’s the steeple. Open the door and see all the people?” I’m going to teach it to my grandkiddos!

Hubby and I now travel all over and I’m always drawn to the church steeples in every town. Every town! Heck, I love the steeples around my own home. It saddens me when I see a new church constructed and there is no steeple. I suppose it’s a modern trend, but I don’t like it!

To me, that church steeple signifies God, or at the very least, pointing me to look up to God! I don’t know if folks in the church beneath it share my faith. In fact I can say for sure that some in those buildings do NOT share my faith. But I am merely focusing on the steeple as, I suppose, one would focus on the cross and see Christ.

IMG_9129I see that steeple, and every time, it brings a smile, not only to my face, but to my heart.

If you google “church steeple”, (and those who know me, know I have done just that) you’ll find differences. Some give accounts that the design came from European influence with the early American settlers. Others indicate steeples can be traced back to pagan worship. Whatever!

There’s always different points of view, but I know, in my heart, I know what looking at a steeple does for me. It makes me thankful for so many things. It’s a reminder, around nearly every corner and in every community that God loves me and I just have to “look up” to see.

Steeples are so different. I wonder if there are actually two alike? It reminds me that we all are so different – no two alike – and yet God loves us all!

I love a good steeple “chase”. Don’t you? 🙂

“To You I lift up my eyes, O You who are enthroned in the heavens!”        Psalm 123:1



and I believed!

He touched me!

I cried out to Him!

I begged for answers –

desirable answers

to all the silent,

unasked questions

of my future,

my life,

my NOW.

He touched me!

Though I prayed without faith,

lacking confidence,

He did not fail –

as I deserved

for all my spitefulness,

my unjust judgment.

He touched me!

I don’t recall a warm embrace,

or even


of a bright, sunny tomorrow.poem

He merely touched my hand

and whispered, “patience, my child”

and I believed!

(written by me circa 1970. And I still believe!) 🙂