Excerpt #4 ‘Papa, Where Are You?’


I find it fitting as Halloween approaches to share an excerpt of the first of many Halloween referrals mentioned in ‘Papa, Where Are You?’

When Papa bounded through the front door, Julie and I ran down the stairs to him with our arms outstretched. He scooped us up and planted kisses on our cheeks.
I was so happy to see Papa take Mama to the hospital to have the baby, I forgot it was Halloween until Uncle Albert ambled down the stairs, ready to take Julie and me out for trick-or-treating.
We kissed Mama and Papa good-bye, put on our costumes, then flew out the door with Uncle Albert.
The harvest moon, as Uncle Albert called it, dispelled the darkness on the unseasonably warm evening. No need for a sweater to cover up our special costumes!  . . .

As the group of us danced down the street, in character, joining a sea of clowns and princesses and pirates, the adults gathered together at every long driveway, keeping a watchful eye on their charges as we ran up to knock on each front door. Julie stayed close to me the whole evening. Having only been in this town for a couple of months, she was still wary around strangers.
But everyone, young and old alike, was in a festive mood. It was like a great big block party.
After a fruitful and fun evening, Uncle Albert walked us up our long circular driveway. Julie and I couldn’t wait to empty our baskets and see what kind of goodies we’d collected.
When we rushed through the door, Grandmother was sitting in the parlor, a solemn expression on her face. The three of us stopped in our tracks. Something was terribly wrong.”

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. . . and Happy Halloween! 

a GRAND idea #2

pumpkin1This idea is another easy peasy one!  It eliminates the cutting into and cleaning out of the pumpkin.  It’s one for all ages.  The grand kids who were with me at the time were quite young so I listened to their ideas and helped them along.

The first part, obviously, is to take the kiddos pumpkin shopping.  I encouraged them to choose relatively small ones since they would want to carry their own and as they’d be heading back to their homes, pumpkins in hand. Nice sized stems are important for transporting.

I used old scraps of felt which I had around from previous craft projects.  The kids picked out colors and helped draw.  I did most of the cutting!  Older kids would certainly have a freer hand.  Velcro dots were placed on the pumpkins in the appropriate places and the kids had fun attaching their face creations.  They played with swapping out the face parts with each other.  And they couldn’t wait for the parents to show up to show off their handwork

Of course, I was sad when they left. 39268_4615623239040_1553056104_n



I’m glad I made one for myself!                                                       Happy October!


(As I mentioned on my previous GRAND post, I do not claim any ideas as my own and cannot remember where I obtained them.  Please send me your own ideas and I’ll give you full credit when I use them.)



a GRAND idea #1

A GRAND Idea1Periodically I plan to post craft and activity ideas that I have used with my own young GRANDchildren. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult.  I don’t claim any as my own original creations nor can I remember where I managed to find all the various ideas, but thought maybe others could have fun with my findings.  Most will be on the cheap if not free, easy and hopefully non-messy – just the way I like it!  All have been tested and proven to be thoroughly enjoyed by my grandchildren! 🙂

GRANDparenting is the very best job in the world!

But it’s one where we (the GRANDparents) need to stay at least a step ahead of the youngsters – no matter what the age – theirs as well as ours.  So it’s always good to have a random idea tucked away!  On a side note, my credentials:  I am the GRANDmother to eight, and stepGRANDmother to six.  Ages range from one year old up to 33 yrs. old.

When I first became a GRANDmother, I took stock of myself and felt shortchanged on the talent side.  Therefore, I determined to be the “fun” one!

My first GRAND idea is quite timely as we are welcoming October.  It is quick, fun and easy for all ages and creativity levels.

Dyed eggs are not just for Easter!pumpkin eggs 2

Simply hard boil eggs then dye orange, using equal food coloring drops of red and yellow.  Let dry, and distribute permanent black marker pens to all GRANDchildren within range.  There is no wrong way to do this.  A couple of pictures for motivation  or examples from the parents or GRANDparents on hand should do the trick.  And voila!  Be sure to have a couple extra markers on hand for those eager parents and additional Grandparents. 🙂  And don’t forget to refrigerate the cooked eggs.

Enjoy and Happy October.   Keep watching for another October idea next week!

(Feel free to shoot me your suggestions and if I post them at a later date, I’ll be sure to give you credit.)