Technical Difficulties

printer 2Modern technology is amazing, just amazing. I cannot keep up, but I am delighted with new stuff and when I can actually figure something out.

When I bought a new printer several years ago, I was pleased and surprised to find out it was wireless. I didn’t even know what that meant. I soon found out – I can print, not only from my computer but from my iPad and iPhone – from anywhere in the house! How fun is that!!!

My favorite plus of my printer is that I can print pictures. I just LOVE to print my pictures. If anyone is on Facebook or Instagram with me, they know I LOVE to take pictures. I print for my family and friends.

In December, halfway through printing a photo album for my mother for a gift, my printer began to act up. Pictures were getting fuzzy. I did all the stuff the book says and then I googled it. I gave up. I thought since the rest of the printer worked, I’d live with it and just send my pics to the local Walgreens.

That lasted about two weeks.

I broke down and bought a new printer. My kids benefited from the old one.

Two weeks ago I hooked up the new one and began doing my thing. Actually, it’s used for other things than picture printing. Being a writer, I’m always printing my own words not to mention copying and researching, etc. But that photo part? My fav!

Two days ago, I printed a couple of pics. They were fuzzy. I could not believe it! I was stumped, frustrated and angry. Suffice it to say, my humor was not intact.

I did not unhook the printer but took the instruction book and a sample of my fuzzy printed picture.

I went to Customer Service at Best Buy and showed the guy my dilemma.

He looked, he thought, and he chose his words very carefully.

“Uh, do you suppose, is it possible,” he began ever so gently, “that you put in the photo paper upside down?”

I about died!

As soon as he said it, I knew he was right. Apparently I had a major brain freeze after all these years of printing pictures.  That part was not in the instruction book, I suppose, because it’s so obvious!

I thanked the guy, admitted my, uh, screw up, and hurriedly left the store.

After sharing with my kids, the recipients of the old computer, that they now had a fully functioning printer, they were of course, delighted. But they did wonder if I’d want to return the new one and take back the old one.

No, I promised, it’s theirs now. Just remember shiny side down.

Christmas in February for them; a giant piece of humble pie for me.

printer 1



a GRAND idea #6 (revisited)

storybooksIt was the highlight of my Christmas – two years in a row. To hear/see my kid read to his kids a story that I wrote for them! It makes them laugh and it makes my heart sing!  Apparently it’s an established tradition now and the kiddos look forward to it. So do I! 🙂

Just wanted to share again the delight experienced all around with this project. is pretty cool to work with. If I have questions, I email them and they get back to me in a day. They have more options now on viewing and printing. And, as always, not only do they include graphics, but I can use my own. I’m attempting to use all my own (or my kids) pictures as I don’t want to take the chance of infringing on anyone’s copyrights.storybooks2

It’s a new era with so many pictures at one’s disposal – with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Sharing pictures tends to bring us all closer – especially across the miles. And having kiddos see themselves in a book is a win win deal.

Someday I hope to write a story with a grandkiddo’s help. That would be quite a kick!

I hope you’ll give it a try. If you do, let me know how it turns out!


PJ Atlantic OceanSince January 1st a year ago, I have set up and tweaked often my very own blog; joined Twitter and Pinterest and LinkedIn and Instagram and Google+ along with various communities within; set up my blogger Facebook Page, written 105 posts on my blog along with 233 pictures, displayed 219 tweets on my Twitter account; and so far have gathered 187 blog followers, 38 twitter followers, and 42 Facebook Page followers and I guest-posted on

My blog has been visited by people in 23 different countries!

Basically I have done all this by myself, without guidance, other than google searching and researching.

I have revamped my manuscript three times, due to valuable advice received from various sources.

I have joined SLWG and SCBWI. (St. Louis Writers Guild and Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators)

I have read about a zillion other blogs and 15 + books in all sorts of genre.

I’ve been challenged and stretched and aggravated and just plain stumped, but I press on.

Whew! What a ride – so far! 🙂

You know that age old expression “Jack of all trades, master of none?” I feel like that.

But the best part of all this?

In September I began a column on my blog of Faith Stories. It has become the most popular of all my subjects posted; I have had simply wonderful conversations with various people; and have loved sharing their stories and the gospel with the World Wide Web.

I haven’t reached my goal – per social media and publishing standards – but I’m having fun!

I have hopes and dreams and goals.

I hope to entertain, educate, and amuse my dear readers as we journey together forward. I’ll possibly post in a more sporadic manner as I seek less to conform to a schedule and more to the leading of my heart.

I dream of writing about Fun times, Factual stories and Faith-based testimonies.

My goal is to master these social media sights  I’ve landed on (hopefully with some professional advice) and read more books, especially The Good Book, and follow God’s lead in reading, writing and fellowshipping with all.

And may I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to “press on toward the goal (the real goal) to win the prize for which God has called me (us) heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

On my next post, I’ll list my five most popular posts from 2014 for your enjoyment in case you missed any of them.

I love a new year, a fresh start, a clean slate. Don’t you! 🙂

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